Seattle Junior Hockey Injury Prevention Strategies

As a Sports Physician that treats athletes, I can guarantee you that the basic injuries we treat are tight muscles. This is usually caused from over-heating, lack of stretching, or dehydration. Everything else is due, in part, to the game itself.
You can do your part to prevent muscle cramps by making sure you drink plenty of fluid, and sip some during the game. You don’t need to get waterlogged! Just enough to keep you hydrated. Unless you are burning a huge amount of calories when you play, water is the best. Sports drinks are more for high-end players and aren’t usually needed for kids.
So my number one rule of Hockey Injury Prevention Strategies:

Stay Hydrated.

That’s it!

Next we’ll talk some simple strategies to help out with the second cause of tight muscles: Proper vs IM-Proper stretching.

Dr. Jason Gilmore is a local sports injury chiropractor working with adult and kid hockey players. If you or one of your kids are having muscle on joint pain, and would like to find out more on ways to eliminate pain, contact Dr. Jason Gilmore at 425-670-2600